Restoring a vintage ferrari with ferrari finance

As an amateur restorer, I know that restoring a classic motor such as a Ferrari can be costly at the best of times. With that being said there are few things as rewarding as bringing a classic car back to its former glory, As long as you have the funds to do so. Ferrari finance from a specialist financing Company has been a massive help to me in recent months, and has allowed me to get the funds that I needed to restore and eventually sell a beautiful Ferrari that I have been working on.

ferrari finance

Admittedly most of my projects are jest something that I do as a hobby, with that being said I have been able to create a fair bit of income from fixing up Sports cars like Ferraris recently. I decided to take my venture to the next level and approach a specialist car finance company, to see if they could help me with some of the costs of buying parts and official Ferrari merchandise.

Ferrari finance allowed me to purchase the car parts needed

The first thing that I did was to use a Ferrari finance calculator. I did this online which meant there was able to get a quote for my car in the number of minutes, it’s true that you do need to fill in some details about yourself and your financial history but this is to be expected as with most finance packages. I had two options, I could either approach a dealership that specialises in offering financial packages, or I could get my car finance from an independent broker, I decided to opt for the latter.

Financing a Ferrari was a surprisingly easy thing to do, I’ll be posting pictures of the end results in the coming weeks so it may be worth checking back here too see how my project has developed.

Another restoration project using McLaren Finance

Growing up a McLaren F1 was always my dream car, so imagine my delight to find that I could use McLaren finance to finally purchase one! Most of my purchases are for restoration project, this typically means that I will buy them for a low price due to their condition and then restore them and hopefully make a profit. I must admit though, using McLaren Finance and purchasing a reasonably new McLaren car was certainly a joy and I’m enjoying not having to due to too much work on the car.

With that being said I have made sure that a replaced and thoroughly soon as the car before I drive it, with high spec cars it is very common for wear and tear on some highly priced parts, so McLaren financing was still a requirement. Financing a car in this way allows you to defer some of the payments which can be useful if you want to use your cash for other things.

Why bother with Mclaren Finance for a restoration?

mclaren finance

You may be wondering why someone would look to get McLaren Finance when surely if you are buying a car of this spec, you should be able to afford one. This couldn’t be further from the truth though, when you see someone driving an extremely expensive car city these more often than not they have financed it and made it more affordable for themselves in the long run. When most people take out a car financing loan, you may think that they end up paying more money however if these Financial instruments are written off against tax they can often save the owner a great deal of money.

Due to the large amounts of money at stake, it is often beneficial not to hand over that much money to a car dealer instead use it carefully structured payment plan to bring down costs and spread payments over longer period of time. McLaren themselves offer a number of financial packages that can be beneficial, however I would recommend going to a third party specialist finance company that I have mentioned previously, as you can often get a better deal on a car.